End of Line Products (Limited availability)

6573 Integrated Pest Management Module for Stone Fruits (End of Line)


This product has been replaced by the weatherlink.com Pro+ subscription tier


The IPM Module for Stone Fruits provides the final step in linking your weather data to actual pest risk, giving you a powerful new tool in the battle against crop pest damage.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) provides you with tools to protect your crops from pests such as diseases, insects, and mites. This module uses current weather conditions captured from a Davis station and calculates risk levels, which allows you to maintain healthy crops by applying pest control methods before disease spreads.

Track the development of diseases and insects that affect your crop
View all the pest data with descriptions and images on one screen
Easily identify risk levels of each pest in a color-coded chart
View graphs of data and tables compiled from local weather data

This add-on module works with WeatherLink for Windows and Vantage Pro2 to gather real-time temperature, humidity, rain and leaf wetness data. It generates stepped risk levels to warn you when conditions are favorable for pest development.